Best Polytechnic Colleges in Gorakhpur, College Names

Best Polytechnic Colleges in Gorakhpur | College Names: Polytechnic colleges helps to set up a large number of Diploma engineering colleges and institutes to pursue Diploma course. These colleges act as the gateway to acquiring technical knowledge and comprehensive learning to make our society technically. Polytechnic colleges are known to offer job-oriented Diploma courses and ITI courses. Here is a list of the best Polytechnic colleges in Gorakhpur.

Best Polytechnic Colleges in Gorakhpur

Buddha Institute of Technology

Buddha Institute of Technology is a private diploma college located in the district of Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh state of India. The college offers a Diploma in Civil engineering and Mechanical engineering. A Polytechnic college offers Diploma courses that are short-term courses that focus on training a person in a particular field. It offers two part-time or full-time Diploma engineering and non-engineering courses.

Government Polytechnic

The college is one of the pioneers in providing technical education in the state of Uttar Pradesh by offering Diploma courses. The institute was established by Mr. A. Lindon, the founder, and principal of the institute. The institute was earlier known as Government Technical school and was renamed Government Polytechnic in the year 1958. The admission is based on the entrance exam and the institute has the best faculty for excellence in providing technical education. The faculty team achieves the excellence and development of the institute.

Government Girls Polytechnic College

It is a Government Diploma college located in the district of Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh state of India. The college offers Electrical engineering, Information technology, Computer science and engineering, and textiles designing. The library of this institute is very well organized neat and clean. The campus interview and placement are being established in the institution to provide the best facilities in the field of employment. It is very important for the candidates and regularly update their knowledge.

ITM Polytechnic

ITM Polytechnic has a distinctive profile in ambiance but is modern in its approach. Nature has blessed the college, situated 12 km outer of Gorakhpur city with lush green surroundings and an unpolluted environment. The campus is just the right place for all who want to pursue technical education and research without any distractions. It contains the infrastructure and other facilities with a modern polytechnic requires.


KIPM is a college of engineering and technology and is a private Diploma college located in the district of Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh state of India. The institute is to create technically competent professionals who can contribute productively towards the betterment of the industry and society. It is to develop institutions for graduate-level studies.

Little Flower Polytechnic

Little Flower Polytechnic is a Diploma college located in the district of Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh state of India. The college was established in the year 2010 as a private polytechnic college with the hope of imparting technical education to students and reducing unemployment. The process of connecting the selected person and the employer in order to establish an ongoing employment relationship.

Maha Manav Gauthan Buddha Polytechnic

The college was founded by Palav Ram Jee through Akarshit Shiksha Samiti. The college was established in the year 2011 with the mission of giving technical knowledge to prepared citizens in weaker sections of rural areas. The institute is located at Khajani Sikariganj road 28 km from Gorakhpur. The institute has become a leading institute of Goraksh Nagari of Baba Gorakhnath.

Suyash Institute of Information Technology

The institute is a prominent education center in the field of engineering education. It was established in the year 2009 to be imparting education. The aim of the college is to spread literacy in society and make them employable. There are running many courses for M.Tech, B.Tech, and Diploma in different streams.

Vikas Institute of Engineering and Technology

The college was established in the year 2012 with a commitment to educating and developing students to be competent professionals in the global economy. The administration and management of the institute are vested in the college. The campus is 13 km away from Gorakhpur railway station and is very well connected to other parts of Gorakhpur city.

Maharana Pratap Polytechnic

Maharana Pratap college was established in the year 1956 with its first civil engineering. It offers Diploma courses in the engineering field and offers eight specializations. The college offers both government-financed and self-financed courses.

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