Indian Army Rank Wise Grade Pay, Officers

Indian Army Rank Wise Grade Pay | Officers: Indian Army has introduced several ranks for administrative efficiency. Candidates who want to join the Indian army should be familiar with several positions and the rank hierarchy before applying for any post. Ranks are divided into three types. Commissioned Officers (CO), Junior Commissioned Officers (JCO), and Non-Commissioned Officers. These ranks depend on the candidate’s performance, qualifications, and experience in a field. The posts of the commissioned officers come under Group A service officers. The posts of the junior commissioned officers come under the Group B Gazetted officers. In this article, we discuss Indian Army Rank Wise Grade Pay.

Indian Army Rank Wise List

Commissioned Officers

Commissioned officers are equivalent to Group A service officers. They are the leaders of the military whose operate is to command. There are a complete of 10 officers among them field marshal is the highest rank in the Indian army.

Commissioned OfficersInsignia
Field MarshalNational emblem over a crossed weapon and baton in a lotus blossom wreath.
GeneralCrossed sword and baton with star and national emblem.
Lieutenant generalCrossed sword and baton with national emblem above.
Major generalCrossed sword and baton with the star above
BrigadierThree stars in a very triangle and National Emblem higher than
ColonelTwo stars and the national emblem above
Lieutenant ColonelOne Star and National Emblem above
MajorNational Emblem
CaptainThree stars in one line
LieutenantTwo stars in one line


Field Marshal: Field Marshal is one of the highest ranks in the Indian army. This is the five-star rank general officer. This rank is only held by two army officers, namely manekshaw and kondandera madappa cariappa. It contains a national emblem over a crossed weapon and baton in a very lotus blossom wreath.

General: The Indian general officers are the highest-ranking army officers. He is the chief of army employees. The general officer may be a four-star rank officer.

Lieutenant General: The Lieutenant general is a three-star rank commissioned officer. It has a crossed weapon and baton with the national emblem higher than.

Major General: The insignia of the Major general is Crossed sword and baton with the star above. The Collar patches of the main general are 2 golden stars.

Brigadier: Brigadier may be a one-star rank commissioned officer. He ranks higher than the commissioned military officer and below the major general. The badge of the Brigadier is three stars in a very triangle and a national emblem above.

Colonel: The badge of the commissioned military officer is 2 stars and therefore the national emblem above.

Lieutenant Colonel: A lieutenant colonel is that the Battalion Commander in charge of hundreds of soldiers or a general staff officer in a very division or corps. The badge of the Lieutenant Colonel may be a One Star and National Emblem above.

Major: Major is ranked higher than the captain and below the lieutenant. The insignia of the main is National Emblem.

Captain: The badge of the Captain is 3 stars in one line.

Lieutenant: The Lieutenant is the junior rank within the Indian Army. He oversees forty to sixty subordinates who directly work beneath him. The insignia of the lieutenant is 2 stars in one line.

Junior Commissioned Officers

Junior Commissioned Officers (JCO) is equivalent to Group B gazetted officers.  The senior non-commissioned officers are promoted to JCO rank based on seniority and merit.  They lie between the Commissioned Officer and therefore the NCOs. JCOs hold 3 different roles.

  • Subedar Major
  • Subedar
  • Naib Subedar
Junior Commissioned OfficersInsignia
Subedar MajorNational Emblem
SubedarTwo stars in one line
Naib SubedarOne star


Other ranks(Non-Commissioned Officer)

Senior NCOs get promoted to become JCOs as per the Regiment and Crops pattern, and NCOs are approved to wear Chevron.

Non-Commissioned OfficerInsignia
CQMH( Company Quarter Master Havildar)Three Strips and Ashoka Chakra on top
HavildarThree rank chevrons
NaikTwo rank chevrons
Lance NaikSingle rank chevrons
SepoyPlain shoulder badge only


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