List of Scholarships For Students In India, Scheme Names

List of Scholarships For Students In India | Scheme Names: Central Government led by PM Narendra Modi has started various schemes for the promotion of candidates’ education. To achieve a better quality of life candidates need care in the form of basic education. Here we are providing you with the new PM Modi Government schemes for candidates’ education in India. To avail of the scheme benefits, students can apply online and fill out respective yojana forms to achieve benefits. The primary objective is to ensure quality education for all the candidates and to enable them to secure the best jobs and build a strong nation. The schemes are classified into elementary, secondary, and higher education.

List of Scholarships for Students in India

PG Scholarship Scheme

The PG Scholarship Scheme is a full-time GATE-qualified candidate. All qualified candidates admitted to M.E/M.Tech/M. Arch and M.Pharma courses in AICTE-approved institutions and colleges are also eligible. The PG scholarship scheme can get 12,400/- beneficiaries per month per candidate.

Pragati Scholarship Scheme

Pragati Scholarship is awarded to commendable girls taking admission to AICTE-approved technical institutions with a Degree/Diploma. This scheme contains 4000 scholarships are given and 30000 as tuition fee reimbursement and also 20000 as incidentals every year. Candidates can apply online for the pragarti scheme to avail more benefits.

National Doctoral Fellowship(NDF)

The NDF scheme admits full-time meritorious research scholars by providing research fellowships to the candidates. All candidates who want to seek admission to Ph.D. in AICTE-approved technical institutes/university departments for carrying out research in areas. The candidates can apply online for the National Doctoral Fellowship scheme to avail more benefits.

Prerana Scheme for preparing SC/ST students for Higher Education

There is a shortage of faculty in engineering and polytechnic colleges. The problem is by promoting degree students in pre-final and final years to go for post-graduate courses. Prerana scheme aims at giving support to institutes who are willing to put extra effort into encouraging and training SC/ST candidates for GATE/GPAT/CAT/CMAT/GRE. The board objective of the scheme is to help aspiring SC/ST candidates seeking higher education through admission tests like GATE/TOFEL/ILETS/GRE. Candidates can apply online for the prerana scheme to get benefits.

Saksham Scholarship Scheme

Saksham Scholarship is for differently abled students taking admission to AICTE-approved technical institutions with degrees or diplomas. There are 1000 scholarships given and students can apply online for the saksham scheme to get its benefits.

Support to Students for Participating in Competition Abroad(SSPCA)

The objective of the SSPCA scheme is to provide travel assistance registration fees to a team of a minimum of two to ten candidates for attending competitions at the international level. Students can apply online for the SSPCA scheme to get benefits.

Prime Minister’s Special Scholarship Scheme(PMSSS)

The objective of the PM Scholarship scheme is to build up capacities in youth of J and K, educate, enable, and empower them to compete in the normal courses, enhancing and boost employment potentials in students of J and K. There a total of 5000 scholarship are given and 100000 as given maintenance, 300000/- to a medical degree every year.

AICTE – INAE Travel Grant Scheme

An AICTE – INAE travel grant scheme for engineering candidates to present papers abroad has been launched for enhancing the quality of engineering education in the country. Students can apply online for AICTE – INAE travel grant scheme to avail its benefits.

Smart India Hackathon

Smart India Hackathon is a unique initiative to identify new and disruptive digital solutions for solving the challenges faced by our country under the program. There are 598 problem statements, 29 different central Government ministries, 26 different Nodal centers, and funding of 3 lacks per team for 100 qualified teams.

Tech Projects as Internship with Small and Medium Enterprises(MSME)

The main objective of the scheme is to innovative ecosystem that benefits both technologically deficient MSMEs and technical institutes. There are 408 small and medium enterprises that have given a requirement of 738 technology students. 

MHRD Students Education Schemes in India

Schemes for Elementary Education

  • Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan
  • Mid-Day Meal Scheme
  • Mahila Samakhya
  • Strengthening for providing quality education in Madrassas

Schemes for Secondary Education

  • Rashtriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyan.
  • Girls Hostel Scheme.
  • Inclusive education for the disabled at the secondary stage.
  • Scheme of Vocational Education.
  • National Merit-cum-Means Scholarship Scheme.
  • Scheme for construction and running of girls’ hostel for candidates of secondary school and higher secondary schools.
  • Scholarship schemes for minority students.
  • National Scholarships.

Schemes for Higher Education

  • Scheme of apprenticeship training
  • National Scholarships
  • Post-Doctoral Research Fellow
  • Junior Research Fellowships for biomedical sciences
  • All India Council for technical education scholarships
  • Sports Authority of India promotional schemes
  • Post-matric scholarships for SC/ST students
  • Empowerment of persons for ST students by the ministry of tribal affairs
  • Scholarships for minority students

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