Shark Tank America Judges List, Names

Shark Tank America Judges List | Names: Shark Tank is a business-based American reality television series that aired on ABC in the first episode on 09 August 2009. The American series is dependent on the show called Dragon’s Den. They decide whether to invest in the pitcher’s business. The business-based reality show has become a culturally defining television series and inspires the country to dream. The entrepreneurial-based reality show shark tank the US is a critically and multi-Emmy award-winner show that wave in America. The show will give a chance to people from all over the country to chase their dreams of successful entrepreneurship by securing deals.

Hosts of Shark Tank

The Shark Tank is narrated by Phil Crowley. Crowley is a voice actor who works more with the Star Trek franchise. Crowley was the narrator for the TV series documentary in the year 2009 and for the series Rat Bastards in the year 2012. He narrated several other TV series including witnesses, Hollywood stories, dogfights, and ancient discoveries. In the year 2009, he started his work on Shark Tank.

Shark Tank America Judges List

  • Mark Cuban
  • Robert Herjavec
  • Lori Greiner
  • Daymond John
  • Barbara Corcoran
  • Kevin Harrington
  • Alex Rodriguez
  • Blake Mycoskie
  • Kendra Scott

Mark Cuban

Mark Cuban is considered to be the highest shark of all the sharks. His net worth is $4.2 billion. He start his business at the early age of 12 when he sold garbage bags door to door. He is a tech entrepreneur who hit billionaire targets in the year 1999. At present, he owns NBA Dallas Mavericks. Mark is also the chairman of AXS TV and co-owns landmark theatre, magnolia pictures, and magnolia home video.

Robert Herjavec

Robert Herjave is a Croatian-born investor. His calculable interest price is around $ 200 million. He is the founder of the Herjavec group. Robert created his fortune within the digital security business and has designed and sold several IT companies, together with BRAK systems, that he sold for a reported $30.2 million CAD according to CNBC. He is married to another TV actress whom he met when they were partners on the show. The company is taken into account to be an international leader in cyber security and at present, he gained global leadership in data security.

Lori Greiner

Lori Greiner is known as the QVC queen. She has designed and made more than five hundred products and now he holds 120 products. Her net worth is around $120 million. She hosted her own show on the network, clever and unique creations at the age of 18 years. Many of her investments in a shark tank like Scrub Daddy and the Squatty Potty have become some of the biggest success stories of the show.

Daymond John

Daymond John is the founder, president, and CEO of his sportswear company called FUBU. His net worth is approximately to be $350 million. He is the core member and real brain in the co-working space. It provides assistance and helps to associate with compatible entrepreneurs and resources are provided to them to extend their business. In the year 2016, he served as a presidential ambassador for global entrepreneurship under the Obama administration.

Barbara Corcoran

She is an active investor in real estate and has built an empire of real estate. At the age of 23, she quit her job as a waitress and borrowed $1000 to start a tiny real estate company in New York City. Her estimated net worth is around $100 million. She is the owner of the Corcoran group which she started in the year 1970s with a loan of $1000.

Kevin Harrington

He is the panel member of sharks for the first two seasons of the show. He has been working as the Director of Harrington Business Development since the year 2002. In the past, he worked with Electronic Retailing Association (ERA), the founder’s circle. In the year 2013, he was appointed as the company spokesperson for invention. His estimated net worth is around to be more than $500 million.

Alex Rodriguez

Alex is a former Major League baseball player and is the founder of A-Rod Corp, a real estate and investing group. His fiancee’s name is Jennifer Lopez.

Blake Mycoskie

Blake could be a serial entrepreneur, presenter, and bestselling author who is best familiar with beginning TOMS shoes. He conjointly came up with TOMS shoes. He additionally came up with TOMS one for one business model, that helps an individual in need with each product purchased.

Kendra Scott

She is a designer, founder, and CEO Kendra started her business in jewelry in the year 2002 with only $500. She has since grown her company to a billion-dollar valuation with more than 100 stores nationwide.

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