Top 10 Media Houses in Canada, Names

Top 10 Media Houses in Canada | Names: The largest of these corporations is the country’s national public broadcaster, which plays a significant role in producing domestic cultural content, and operating radio and TV networks in both English and French. Both the television broadcasting and publications sectors require a number of government interventions to remain profitable, which can include regulations barring foreign companies from the industry. In this article, we discuss the top 10 media houses in Canada.

Top 10 Media Houses in Canada

  1. CanWest Global
  2. Bell Globemedia
  3. Quebecor Media
  4. Torstar
  5. Rogers
  6. Corus Entertainment
  7. CHUM Limited
  8. Transcontinental
  9. Astral Media
  10. Standard Radio

CanWest Global

CanWest Global is an international media company operating in newspapers, television, out-of-home advertising, cable channels, and radio networks in Canada. The other newspaper holdings include smaller market dailies, as well as shoppers, real estate, and TV inserts in British Columbia and Ontario. Global television broadcasts across Canada through eleven television stations in eight provinces. It includes specialty cable channels Prime TV, Xtreme Sports, Fox Sportsworld Canada, Men TV, and COOL TV. The headquarters are situated in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Bell Globemedia

Bell Globemedia headquarters are located in Toronto, Ontario. It owns conventional broadcast, specialty, and pay TV properties, several internet sites, and interactive sites, as well as national newspaper and Globe Television magazines. In addition, it has whole or part ownership in fourteen specialty channels, five digital channels, and investments in several entertainment and production companies. Specialties include CTV Newsnet, ROBTv, Discovery, Outdoor Life, Animal Planet, and Discovery Civilization.

Quebecor Media

Quebecor has operations in North America, France, Spain, Italy, and the U.K. Quebecor media properties include Sun Media Corporation, Videotron, TVA Group, Web Technology, integration, internet portals, books, and several news, entertainment, and celebrity magazines.


Torstar Corporation’s businesses include newspapers and their internet-related business, transit television network, and harlequin enterprises, a publisher of women’s fiction. The newspaper business is led by the Toronto star and includes web properties like, and, as well as Torstar syndication services. Through Metroland printing, publishing, and distributing, Torstar jointly owns commuter paper Metro and Chinese language paper sing tao and publishes more than sixty community newspapers in southern Ontario.


Rogers Media is a national company that is in cable television, internet access, and video retailing through Rogers cable digital PCS, cellular, data communications, and paging through Rogers Wireless, radio broadcasting, television broadcasting, and magazine publishing through Rogers media. It includes key markets in Toronto, Ottawa, Vancouver, and Calgary.

Corus Entertainment

Corus Entertainment is a specialty TV and radio company, as well as a content provider through Nelvana Limited, which produces and distributes children’s programming and products. Corus launched a number of new digital channels, including the documentary channel and discovery kids. It operates fifty radio stations with several formats including talk, country, news, oldies, and new rock in major markets in Alberta, Manitoba, and Quebec. It gains in national and local sales for the year, driving an increase in overall revenues of 7%. Television audiences grew, but revenues for the year were down 1% over 2002 due to the loss in revenue from the disposition of viewer’s choice.

CHUM Limited

CHUM is a broadcaster and content provider owning and operating 29 radio stations, eight local tv stations, and specialty channels, to an environmental music distribution division and internet properties. Many of its stations in Ontario were affected by SARS and the power blackout.


Transcontinental is a commercial printer and publisher of consumer magazines, trade magazines, and community newspapers in both English and French. It also provides direct marketing services, internet solutions, and door-to-door distribution of advertising material. According to the company’s annual report, media holdings were the biggest contributor to revenue growth over the months because of acquisitions.

Astral Media

Astral Media is active in radio broadcasting and outdoor as well as being the largest operator of English and French specialties. It also has an internet presence through 18 websites. It also owns six FM stations and two AM stations in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. Astral Media outdoor operates ad faces in Quebec, Ontario, Alberta, and British Columbia. The company’s annual report states that grew by 12% in the fiscal despite intense competition and the impact of new signage laws in Quebec.

Standard Radio

It is primary activities are in traditional radio broadcasting and services like radio syndication and national sales representation. The company also engages in radio-related ventures, national wholesale distribution of pre-recorded video cassettes and interactive entertainment products, video and audio post-production, and retail marketing services. According to the company, standards jump in revenues by the summer acquisition of all of Telemedia’s radio properties in Ontario, Alberta, and British Columbia.

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